Bachelor, research and master theses

Here you can find all the projects that have been put out to tender

Work to be awarded with a formulated task:

Note: All works can be written in German language, even if some of the tasks were published here only in English.

Cooperation with other partners

Arbeit: Master-Thesis

Titel: Development of an artificial neural network based procedure for the energy balancing of solar thermal systems


Other Signal Processing

Arbeit: Research- / Master-Thesis

Titel: Development of acoustic watermark algorithms and their evaluation


6G Indoor Localization
Deep Learning, Machine Learning, pattern recognition
Signal processing for medical imaging technology, medical image analysis

Type: Forschungs- / Master-Thesis

Title: Medical Image Processing - Segmentation, Classification, Localization


Works to be awarded without formulated task:

The topics for bachelor, research and master theses usually originate from the fields of work of the scientific staff. Not always the topics are formulated so that they can be presented here. If you are more interested in a topic, please ask the respective employee.

Detection, segmentation and pattern recognition  
Research /
Master thesis:
Anomaly detection in multivariate time series through machine learning

Research Overview

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