Marius Winter


Research Assistant
Institute of Signal Processing and System Theory


Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.239

Office Hours

Please feel free to schedule an appointment by sending an email, or you can drop by the office at your convenience to check if I'm available.
Besides Stuttgart, it is also possible to meet me at the University Hospital in Tübingen.


  • Semantic segmentation of human muscles in MRI images
  • Extraction of relevant muscle features (biomarkers)
  • Investigation of the association of biomarkers with muscular changes and diseases

If you are interested in working on a thesis (BA/FA/MA) focused on topics such as feature selection/extraction, uncertainty estimation and explainability in machine learning, or related areas, we can arrange a meeting to discuss possibilities.

** Update:
If I don't respond to your email, it's because I'm currently, unfortunately, handling too many student projects. My apologies!

Ultraviolet photodetectors and readout based on a‐IGZO semiconductor technology
Journal of the Society for Information Display
2023-04-04 | Journal article
DOI: 10.1002/jsid.1202
Contributors: Yannick Schellander; Marius Winter; Maurice Schamber; Fabian Munkes; Patrick Schalberger; Harald Kuebler; Tilman Pfau; Norbert Fruehauf
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