Lab - Medical Image Processing

Lab "Medical Image Processing" at the Institute of Signal Processing and Systems Theory

This lab course is only available for the course "M. Sc. Medizintechnik".

This lab is in german


Non-invasive imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) are increasingly used for the analysis of specific cases of disease, as well as in epidemiology. However, the manual marking of tissue in 3D data by experts is time consuming, making computer assisted diagnostics (CAD) of ever-increasing importance. In this internship images of the abdomen are examined, which allow conclusions about the morphology and function of the kidney. For this purpose, a fully automatic volumetry of the organ as well as the tissue categories is performed.

Learning goals

The Lab offers the opportunity to gain insight into medical imaging and automatic image analysis using MR data. The aim of the internship is to solve a demanding practical task within a team and to identify, apply and evaluate suitable procedures in MATLAB. Methods from the following subareas are part of the task: image registration, edge detection, organ localization, organ segmentation and tissue classification. Knowledge in the mentioned topics is not required.


Scope and process

The Lab has a total of 3 credit points and will be held during the winter semester. The registration required for the participation will take place in the first lecture week. The introductory event will be held during the second week of lectures. Subsequently, a supervised appointment is offered weekly. The Student Laboratory is also available to handle the task outside these appointments. Finally, an elaboration is prepared and the results presented in a presentation. Please see the notice board or use ILIAS for more information regarding data and registration.

course material

The course material will also be made available via ILIAS.


Louisa Fay

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