Entwurf digitaler Filter (SS 2V/2Ü)

Note: The lecture and practice documents are on ILIAS
This lecture is in german

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. habil. M. Gaida (IVEI)

Content of the lecture

1. Nonrecursive filters

  • Implementation forms for FIR filters
  • Linear phase FIR filter
  • Design of linear phase FIR filters
  • Special FIR filters

2. Recursive filters

  • Implementation forms for IIR filters
  • Draft recursive filters
  • Special IIR filters

3. Quantization

  • number representation
  • Quantization error in fixed-point representation
  • Effects of quantization in the digital system
  • Spectral shaping of the quantization noise
  • Optimization of the cascade structure

4. Sample rate conversion

  • Representation of discrete signals
  • Lowering the sampling rate
  • Increase the sampling rate
  • Cascading of Sample Rate Converters
  • Decimation with FIR antialiasing filters
  • Interpolation with FIR Anti-Imaging Filters
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