Veronika Ecker


Research Assistant
Institute of Signal Processing and System Theory


Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.278


Age is a crucial factor for characterizing individuals in a medical context. However, the conventional chronological age (time since birth) does not capture the individual aging process which is influenced by genetics, environmental factors, or lifestyle. To better account for inter-individual variability in aging, the concept of biological age is introduced. The pace of aging processes may also vary within an individual, therefore an organ-specific definition of the biological age is desirable. My research focuses on organ-specific biological age estimation in whole-body MR images of the German National Cohort Study using Deep Learning.

Project topics include:

  • Age prediction in MR images using uncertainty estimation
  • Correlation of imaging and non-imaging data for biological age estimation
  • DL-based organ segmentation
  • Automatic quality control in MR images
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