Mohamed Abolfadl Ibrahim


ehem. Wiss. Mitarbeiter

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Adresse            Universität Stuttgart
                         Pfaffenwaldring 47
                         70550 Stuttgart


The growing demand for smaller and faster mobile devices has led to a need to replace analogue circuit components with digital components. Transmitters contain a significant amount of analogue components (mixers, filters, etc.), therefore a polar transmitter architecture is being investigated where each constellation point is represented as Radius and Phase instead of In-phase and Quadrature-phase. This representation simplifies the RF circuits, occupies smaller space, and avoids the need for analogue circuits. However, using digital circuits introduces new type of distortions such as quantization noise and bandwidth spreading. Signal processing algorithms are sought in order to overcome those distortions


M. Ibrahim, B. Yang
A theoretical study of the statistical and spectral properties of polar transmitter signals
IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2014, Melbourne, Australia.

M. Ibrahim, B. Yang
A theoretical analysis of time/frequency quantization in polar transmitters
IEEE International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS) 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

M. Ibrahim, B. Yang and A. Menkhoff
Oversampled Digital-to-Analog Converter for noise reduction in polar transmitters
IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP) 2014, HangZhou, China

M. Ibrahim and A. Menkhoff
A modulator and a method for generating a modulated signal
Patent application 2014

M. Ibrahim and A. Menkhoff
Feed forward noise shaping
Patent application 2014

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